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Geneele Crump, LCSW

To schedule an appointment:

call 574-875-6399

Or use the online contact form

Hours, Sessions and Fees

Appointments are scheduled Monday-Friday.  Some evening appointments are available.  Regular sessions are 50 minutes in length; extended sessions are either 75 or 100 minutes.  After you have scheduled an appointment, you will receive directions and some brief initial forms to complete.

Regular individual sessions are $80, or $90 for couples or families; extended sessions are prorated.  This is due at the time of the session.  Cash, personal checks, and money orders are accepted, as well as Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Many insurance plans cover my services.  However, plans vary greatly.  In most cases, payment in full is required for the first session.  Then we will work together to verify the coverage that your plan provides.  You will be credited with any amount you may have paid in excess.

I am also a provider for several Employee Assistance Programs.  Check with your employer to learn whether one of these programs is available to you and what providers you may choose from.