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Meditation CDs

I currently offer two meditation CDs: A Meditation for Well-Being and Losing Weight by Choosing Well.


A Meditation for Well-Being

with Guided Imagery and Affirmations

You can experience greater health and happiness.

Every thought and image we hold in our mind is a constant, powerful influence on our perceptions, our feelings, and the choices we make.  In order to experience our greatest levels of physical, mental, and emotional health, it is essential that these thoughts and images are vital and appropriate. A Meditation for Well-Being incorporates two powerful tools to help you achieve and maintain this.

Listening to the first section, guided imagery will help you

  • Reach a deeply relaxed and positive state
  • Begin displacing undesirable or uncomfortable images
  • Stimulate your creativity to effect beneficial mind and body responses
  • Sample audio:

In the second section, affirmations will

  • Reinforce awareness that who you can become is already present within you
  • Begin replacing negative or conflicting thoughts
  • Promote desired changes in thoughts, emotions and actions
  • Sample audio:

Losing Weight by Choosing Well

How to make choices that change your weight

The weight you desire is within your reach!

Losing Weight by Choosing Well contains two different meditations that will help you use the power you already have to reach your goal of a healthy, satisfying weight.

The first meditation, Embracing Your Power to Choose, will help you:

  • Learn to recognize and use your personal power in response to food
  • Heighten your awareness of your eating habits
  • Establish a positive attitude toward yourself and your weight-loss process
  • Sample audio:

Because choices made with a relaxed mind are more effective, the second meditation, A Peaceful Place, will help you:

  • Reach a deeply relaxed and positive state
  • Project your mind to a place of tranquility
  • Create a conditioned response for further relaxation
  • Sample audio:

This meditation can be helpful whenever you desire to focus your mind and experience relaxation. 

How to order an meditation CD

Each CD is $20 with FREE SHIPPING!

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A Meditation for Well-Being:

Losing Weight by Choosing Well: